Invest in New York

Today there are many people considering the Big Apple as an international landmark, the ideal place in which operate and make the most of one’s proper gains. In order to invest in New York, however, especially in case that the interest points towards the real estate market, one needs to have a complete vision of the particular urban structure in which the city is structured.

The first step consists on recognizing the prerogatives of various municipalities and after to contact a specialized agency. Certainly, a growing phenomenon, is constituted by investments from distance, the one made, through the powerful computerized means that contemporary society has available. Nowadays, often the research of best occasion occurs via Skype and converges through the most appreciated areas on the web.

The role of the real estate agency

All the purchases and the leases occur through agencies authorized by the federal government. Those agencies, having access to appropriate databases constantly monitored by the government, a sort of virtual archives of the properties present in the market, suggest the most suitable solutions to the diversified requests of the foreign entrepreneurs and citizens.

Purchase and tax declaration

In New York, the property is signalled by the release of a title, so called “Title”, a document which the only scope is to declare the property. The title is produced at the moment of Closing, and is attached to an additional documentation concerning architecture, floor plant, and eventually condominium ruling.

Real estate operations can be both effectuated by locals and foreigners, it is however essential to know that for some buildings, tax evaders do not have any possibility of proceeding, as in some cases the tax declaration will be asked.

City planning

New York comprehends five districts, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronxs and Staten Island. Once that the peculiarities of every single neighbourhood have been established, it will be possible to concentrate on one’s expectations, reconciling the economic aspects with different needs. Following you will find a short description of the most popular areas.
  1. Manhattan:
    • Upper West/East side: These extend themselves among west and east side of central park, mostly populated by young wealthy families and retirees. The former is limited by Riverside park and Hudson river, with luxurious building alternated by rows of skyscrapers, while the latter distinguish itself by elegant houses in Brownstone style
    • Lower West/ East side: Those areas are both culturally alive, forefront, radical and individualist at the same time, they differ essentially by the typology of the locals and in the architecture of buildings, which are all very valuable. Here, the hipster, rocker and punk fashion merges with high class elegance.
    • Midtown/Times Square: The heart of Manhattan, the one that the most of tourists are interested to see, as well as the one that returns cyclically in the American film tradition. Broadway, advertising boards in a huge format, impressive skyscrapers and pressive taxis and crowds are not comparable to anything else in the whole metropolitan area.
  2. Brooklyn:

    It is the most vivid district in New York. Rich of new buildings, bars, restaurants and parks is perfect in order to open a boutique, an atelier, a record company or a photography workshop.

  3. Queens:

    It is the most heterogenous in terms of ethnicity, public housing and railways, however, make the area more grey compared to the rest of the city, on the other hand, the building of new skyscrapers, in the recent years has greatly increased the popularity of the neighbourhood.