In the Western part of Greece, a little gem, Kefalonia, emerges of crystal blue waters.
It is the biggest of the Ionian Islands, with it’s enormous mountain, Ainos, elevating 1,628 meters high.
Kefalonia, commercialized merely to a limited extend, exhibits great diversity amongst it’s grounds.
In the north-west, the most imposing sight you come across is the 11 times awarded as Greece’s best beach, Myrtos, with it’s white pebbles and crystal blue waters, and it’s secret waterfall revealing it’s self only to it’s winter guests, was placed many times within the top 10 worldwide for its scenic beauty.
Agia Effimia, a small harbor and a traditional fishing village in the east coast, is popular with sailing holidays, and is situated not far from Sami, one of the 3 ports of Kefalonia, and surrounded by noteworthy places featured in the movie “captain Coreli’s mandolin” 
Among the various landscapes of this majestic island, on the far north, someone comes across the sea-front town of cosmopolitan Fiscardo, which still upholds the old architectural character of the island. 
In the south coast of the island you can find the popular summer resort and holiday destination of Scala with sandy beaches, a famous attraction for water sport enthusiasts.
Argostoli is the capital of the island and also a port. There you can find many buildings remaining since the British occupation with characteristic architecture. The Koutavos lagoon is also situated there, luring more than 200 species of birds every year.
Leivathos area attracts many visitors in the south coastline of the island, most of which return year after year, with the hope of one day calling it their home. It’s main characteristic is it’s natural beauty and the traditional villages that compose it, each one supplementing with its unique way. Archeological sights, shallow waters, beautiful buildings, houses with traditional Kefalonian architecture, original homes of the aristocracy, summer resorts, moorings for fishing boats and yachts, sandy beaches, rocky beaches, beaches suitable for surfing or remote beaches, whatever you desire, one of Leivathos’ villages can provide it. 
Paliki, the small peninsula in the west of the island, is a farming area, with intense local biodiversity, clay in it’s morphology and red sandy beaches.
Owning property in this captivating island, as a holiday home or a relocating residence, can, depending on what area you choose, make you go back in time or think you moved to paradise, take you to places celebrities visit or one step away of archeological sights, let you enjoy the sun setting whilst creating the most amazing colors in the sky or mingle with tourists traveling for a week from your old home-town to a resort next to your new house, allow you private access to a secret beach to soak under the sun or great walks around the mountain, and always hospitably give you a new home away from home. All these are found in this one island, Kefalonia, every village a different story, every zone a different place and every 10 minute drive from your new home, a new adventure.

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